Golden Transfers

We specialise in Close Corporation property transfers!

We attend to the transfer and registration of members’ interest in close corporations owning property in Namibia.

All monies received are safe, secure and paid into an audited Trust Account.

What is CC-Property Transfers!

In layman terms when you purchase a property that is owned by a Close Corporation only a members’ interest change is necessary within the Close Corporation for you to own the property. Normal practice would be that an attorney or conveyancer is appointed to transfer and register such members’ interest change. But according to the Close Corporations (Act 26 of 1988) and Legal Practitioners (Act 15 of 1995) it is not limited to only an attorney or conveyancer to do these transfers. Any other person with the appropriate permission, experience and know how can assist and register these transactions.

After numerous discussions with several attorneys, advocates and accountants, Golden Transfers started specialising in CC-Property Transfers to offer clients an alternative option.

We give 20% discount on the Transfer & Registration Costs for all our valued clients.